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Spirit Lake Horse Trail Planning -- Fort Totten,ND

Oct, 2018

Collaborator: Carlos Montoya, Matthew Kirkwood

This is a Horse Trail Planning project for the Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota which is presented to the tribe and the National Park Service. The site is covered by elm trees with significant topographic variations. Our proposed trail routes meet three requirements: 1) slope (>20% is not recommended); 2) length (about 10 miles for each entrance); 3) experiences ( finding views and open spaces). We ensure options for trail loops at different difficulty levels and length from each entrance. The route frequency for each trail segment was also calculated based on route usage.

3D View of Proposed Trails with Hierarchies (Left Click to Pan, Right Click to Rotate) 


Lidar Data Processing ( First/Last return extraction)


Slope Levels and Stream Order


Trail Master Plan 


Trail Loop Options from Different Entrances


Trail Hierarchies and Conceptual Plan 

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