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Form Generation for Shade Optimization

Oct, 2019


This is a study on generative design and form optimization. I use the Ladybug (GH plugin) to simulate direct sunlight hours on a plaza space. I define the shape of the roof structure using a quadrangle that is controlled by four vertices. Then I computed all possible scenarios to find out the best solutions for the roof structure. The two independent variables are the 2D geometries and the height of the roof structure.  The dependent variable is the total direct sunlight on the plaza of 8am to 6pm from Jun to Aug when the shade is most needed during the summer. The goal is to minimize the direct sunlight hours but also maximize the ratio of the shaded area and roof structure area. The result could help find a structure that can create a large shade area without constructing big roof structure. It will inform design solutions for tree planing, shading, pavilion building, etc.

Simulation and Optimization Process

Artboard 1final.png

Optimization results above reveal the effective designs for two constrains:

1, the roof structure has to be smaller than the 30% of the total plaza area;

2, the design has to reduce half of the direct sunlight hours.


The design with the most shade generated.


The most efficient design: same roof area, this roof geometry can generate more shade than other designs. 

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